How to properly write a research paper?

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If you have ever wondered how to write a research paper successfully, then we will be happy to explain to you! Many students do not understand what the sketch of research work is. Simply put, this is the structure of the text, which includes paragraphs, paragraphs, subparagraphs, logically related to each other.

Here are some tips:

– in the outline of the research work must be the names of paragraphs and subparagraphs of the text, the introduction, and logical conclusion;

– an outline will show which sections your research was divided into.

– a well-structured sketch will help you not to miss any important thought.

– a well-written structure of the work is no less important than the work itself; it’s worth taking seriously

Outline of the research paper

Before you sit down to write a research paper, you should discuss everything with the teacher. You need to know the requirements for work in general and its requirements as a teacher in particular. Speak all the questions you are going to raise in your work and make sure that all of them have arguments and counterarguments that will help you to express your thought more correctly. The thesis should reflect the topic of the article, its main idea, as well as have the author’s comment, reflecting your personal opinion on that issue.

Preparation of an outline

If writing a research plan is part of your assignment, follow the instructions given to you by your teacher. In such explanations, you can find small hints on the type of draft that is right for you and the strategy for its preparation. If the plan is needed only for your convenience, make sure that it is structured exactly as you need it. When everything is ready, the plan needs to be re-read in order to understand whether there are logical connections in it.


When it comes to formatting, there are a whole variety of options, the most common of which is with letters and (or) numbers. The choice of the most appropriate option depends on the topic and the preferences of the teacher. It is also worth remembering that the more points and the aspects you embrace in your work, the more difficult the outline will be.

To designate the title with the main themes you should use Latin letters.

For subthemes – capital letters

Use Arabic numerals for details (part of subtopic)

For the title of each of the parts of the plan is acceptable to use the full sentence. As a rule, one of the first sentences of a paragraph or any other section is used for this, reflecting the main idea of the passage. You can also use shorter phrases in the content.