How to Format and Write Name on a College Paper

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Definition of the college paper. College paper is a small oral report written in writing. What is meant by “outline”? In the case of writing a lecture, we are talking about the fact that his author sets out the content of any scientific work or book read. College paper – this is a theoretical work. College paper intended to demonstrate student or student knowledge and the level of possession of the analysis of scientific and methodological literature.

Make up your essay with the following principles, so that it is correct:

  • The first part is the introduction. Present the purpose and tasks of your work. Highlight the problem, and display its relevance. Estimated volume is 1-2 pages.
  • The main part is the second block in the structure of the college paper. Display your point of view on the problem that is based on the analysis of scientific literature. Estimated volume of the main part – 12-15 pages.
  • Conclusion – the third structural unit of the college paper. In conclusion, it is necessary to draw conclusions and to offer their recommendations on the problem. The most important thing is the clarity and clarity of thought. The contents of the conclusion recommend to be divided into understandable points. The volume of the conclusion is usually 1-3 pages.

Correct design of the college paper

  1. Font size – 12-15 points.
  2. Font – Times New Roman (Normal).
  3. Line spacing – 1.5-2.
  4. The size of the left field is 30mm
  5. The size of the right field is 10mm
  6. The size of the upper and lower fields is 20mm

Do not put a dot at the end of the header. All headings are taken in bold. The first level heading is 16 fonts. The second level heading is 14 fonts. And the title of the third level – 14 fonts, italics.

The distance between the end of a chapter or paragraph and the next heading is three intervals. After completing the work, you need to make an automatic content, as it will save you time and will meet the requirements for the design of the college paper. To make automatic content, you need to put all the heads in your work as headers of different levels. This is the correct design of the college paper.

Text is printed on one side of the page. Links, notes are either in the text itself or at the bottom of the page. You can use standard Microsoft Word tools to create links. All pages without exception must be numbered. Including a cover sheet. Numbers referring to pages are accepted to be placed at the top and center of the page. The page number does not set the page number. Remember that each new section must start with a new page.